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Are you ready to take YOUR health & nutrition to the next level? We bring you real advice from Moshira Soliman, a clinical nutritionist that has dedicated her life to the passionate pursuit of real food and the difference it can make.

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Tired of trying diet after diet? Looking for answers? Clinical Nutritionist, Moshira Soliman tells you how to create optimum health in your life! Learn what you don't know and take the steps to a healthier YOU!"

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Who's Moshira Soliman?

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Moshira Soliman began as many of us do when it comes to food - clueless. She was a businesswoman that owned a mortgage company and worked every day to make a life for herself and her family. After having her second son, Moshira began having pains in her joints and all over her body, so she decided to see a doctor. They told her that there was nothing wrong and she would be fine. Moshira continued to have increasing pains, so she decided to get a second opinion. One doctor visit turned into many over three and a half years, all with the same results. Every doctor she saw told her, "There's nothing wrong, your just depressed." After her battle to find an answer, Morisha had a blood test that finally showed a high level of rheumatoid factor. 

When Moshira found out that there was something wrong, she began searching for answers. Doctors began prescribing medication to help with the symptoms and pain. Moshira was desperate to find answers, so she listened and followed her doctor's advice. Little did she know that this choice would almost kill her. One of the doctors that Morisha saw accidentally prescribed her a medication based on her weight plus one hundred pounds extra. Moshira began getting worse and not better. Once again, Moshira changed doctors to get another opinion. This new doctor examined her and found that she had been over-medicating based on this new prescription. She stopped her medication and began a new clinical trial that involved taking a new drug. 

Moshira began feeling like "nothing but a lab rat" and grew tired of constantly taking medications and seeing little results. Frustrated, in pain, and tired, Morisha made a decision. She recalled her Grandmother, who died at 97 after being an icon of health, saying, "If you just eat good, you will be good." At this moment, Moshira decided to take the advice of her Grandmother and start eating food that was "healthy." This decision launched Morisha on a journey of following in the steps of her Grandmother and becoming herself, an icon of health.

Now many years later, Moshira is a clinical nutritionist and the owner of Pureganic. She is on a mission to share her story, help others create a lifestyle of health and vitality, and most importantly, use her knowledge and experience to make the world a healthier place.

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The Eating for a Healthy Life Podcast was created to inspire, encourage, empower, and give real-life examples and advice for creating a healthy and happy lifestyle through action, strategy, and perseverance. We are proud to bring you the best health advice from Moshira Soliman. Our goal is also to bring real-life success stories from real people around the country. We call our incredible listeners "Health Nation". Our listeners have a burning desire and a driving necessity for superb, honest, and actionable information from health professionals that believe in real, organic food.

Although our listeners and guests may have different values, we have 2 CORE Values that most of our listeners and guests have in common. They are #1 Honesty - Be honest with yourself and define your health journey based on YOUR needs. #2 Commitment - Be committed to fight for your health, no matter what.

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